Before it’s too late

The end of the year is rapidly approaching and it’s not too late to consider some options to reduce your income tax burden for 2017.

  • Contribute the max to your 401K.
  • Consider converting your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA.
  • Use Stock losses to offset capital gains.
  • Consider tax-free investing…like muni bonds.
  • Fund at 529 plan
  • Lower your income with pre-tax contributions to a HSA.
  • Charitable gift?   Cash is good but you can also gift stock.

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NewsLoan University


Rates 10-23

Now is the time to buy a 2nd home or investment property. With rates still at all-time lows and rents so high this is a great opportunity.

Take a look at these requirements.

  • Subject Property Cash Flow
  • Min. 620 FICO– No Tax Returns/4506t
  • 6 mos. of property management experience
  • No DTI, NO other Income, No Other property Rental check
  • No seasoning for Cash out/Ownership
  • Purchase to $3M
  • Cash out to $2M

Rates are competitive.  25% down payment required.

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Should You Renovate or Sell?


Even if you’ve only lived at your address for several months, it’s likely that you’ve developed an emotional connection to your home. Despite a few hiccups like a pipe leaking, sink clogging or a kitchen cabinet drawer sticking, you might not be ready to sell your house and move into a new home. Renovating your house might prove a better choice.Consider the following factors before you make a final decision on whether to sell or renovate.Neighborhood – Is the neighborhood where you live starting to decline? Is crime increasing, causing property values to drop? It may be time to start house hunting and move into a better neighborhood. Renovating won’t change your entire neighborhood, so this decision is fairly straightforward.Family Needs – If your family is growing, you may need to move in order to give your children sleeping and entertaining room, especially if your children are getting older and want their own private space. You could also renovate and add one to two bedrooms onto your existing home.Age of House – An aging house often means that wiring, pipes and flooring are experiencing wear and tear. If your home has ever flooded or endured hard weather conditions, renovating may call for a roof replacement, new sidewalks, new floor tiles and painting. As part of your renovations, you may also need to replace utility equipment like your water heater or furnace.Job Situation – Think about why you’re considering moving. The chance to work a job that you’re passionate about or the chance to continue working with your current employer who may be relocating to a different town may make it easy to decide to move. If jobs are drying up where you live, you could open up to new job opportunities if you move. However, the chance to get promoted or take on a higher paying role may only come if you stay where you are. Should this be the case, renovating may be the way to go.Disposable Income – Renovating a house can get pricey, especially if your home requires a lot of structural work. Ask a home inspector to tell you how much and what types of work would improve your house. Count up the cost to have these repairs completed. Factor in any cosmetic work that you’d like done on your home. Be honest in determining whether you have enough disposable income to renovate. Compare the cost to renovate your home against the cost of taking on a new mortgage.Remember when relatives and friends visited after you bought your home, helping you to celebrate this new independent step? It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that you felt proud of your decision, a home choice that you made after weeks, perhaps months, of house hunting. Add in years of memories, children growing up in the house and huge family celebrations and moving might be the last thing that you want to do.On the other hand, moving could prove to be the best choice. Before you make a decision, consider the above factors. Doing so could help you to avoid entering the realm of regret.


A Quick Clean for Your Home


One of the toughest tasks around the house is keeping it clean. So when you are busy with work, the kids, and short on time, this task is almost impossible.Here are some tips on how to have your home appear to be clean all the times:-While you are walking around the house think about how you can declutter. As you pass through rooms pick up toys, mail, bags and shoes. Before you leave the living room on your way to the kitchen, look to see what items can be picked up along the way.-Utilize decorative baskets to organize books, catalogs, mail and magazines.-Reduce odor in the kitchen by simmering nutmeg, cloves, or cinnamon with orange peels in a saucepan on the stove.-Use candlelight, a home always looks better and cleaner by candlelight.-Create an instant centerpiece with a bowl full of fruit.-Use baskets or containers in the bathroom to store cosmetics and lotions.-Refresh the guest hand towels frequently. Humidity in the bathroom makes towels look droopy.-Place your pajamas under the pillow. This way, they’re off the floor and ready for bedtime.-Pile clean, unfolded laundry in baskets on top of the washing machine to be sorted later.-If you have dirty clothes, but no time to wash them, store them inside the machine.