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mitchI have been in lending origination for more than 20 years and have been consistently listed as one of the top originators for any company I have been associated. I have held titles as loan originator, underwriter, sales manager, operations manager and run secondary market for a mortgage bank.

I know mortgage lending. I understand how to structure a loan and I know what to look for to help borrowers get loan approval.

I have funded multi-billion dollars of loans and every one of this is different. Each loan tells its own story and you need a loan agent who knows how to structure the transaction to give you the best opportunity for loan approval.

I encourage my clients to share their scenario so I can help paint a financial picture and look for ways to get them the best rate and terms. There are many loan products and programs in the marketplace and although they may be similar each bank has its own guidelines and structure. That’s why it’s important to use a lender who knows how to navigate the waters and place your loan with the bank that will give you the best rates and terms.

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