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True Stated Income No WVOE No P&L No 4506T

  • Stated Income program.
  • Rate starts at 4.75%. APR 5.13%
  • Rates lower on modified Stated with CPA letter and VOE.
  • 7/1 ARM. 
  • Available for purchase or R/T Refinance.
  • Owner/Investor or Units are acceptable.
  • Condos are acceptable.
  • Maximum loan size is 2.5MM
  • Minimum FICO is 700

Stated income loans used to be very common but then they went away as banks could not sell these loans on Wall Street.  The Mortgage meltdown ended the Stated Program but they are finally back. We have two programs to choose from. One is a true stated where we don’t request any income documentation.  Income information is still required to declare.  The second program requires a CPA or Accountant letter and/or a VOE from your job.  Borrowers who have both VOE and stated income. 

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