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Condos have been gaining in popularity for a number of years for people across many segments of the population. From couples who are just starting out together to retirees, and everyone in between, condos are a smart choice that offer many advantages. In order to determine if they are the right choice for you, read on below.Ownership of Your HomeUnlike renting a home, or apartment, a condo is a true investment in your future. You will have the deed to your own home so you know that all the money you pay into it will result in you actually having something to show for it.You Can Sell, or Rent, LaterIn spite of your condo being attached to others in the complex, it is still yours to sell if you want to. This means that you still have the freedom to move wherever and whenever you want. Conversely, you can rent out your condo if you need to move and it suits your needs better. Really, since the condo is yours, the choice is yours as well.Your Responsibilities End at Your Front DoorOne of the most attractive things about owning a condo is the fact that your responsibilities end literally at your front door. While you are responsible for repairs to your appliances, and the like, that you have in your home, your condo association is responsible for the lawn maintenance, snow removal and other routine outdoor tasks. This allows you to fully concentrate on your own home.Of course, this is not a free service, though. Your monthly condo association fees pay for this service. The condo association decides which service provider to use by a vote of the board. Being on the board gives you the opportunity to make a real difference in how your community is run.Close Knit CommunityHaving a condo in a planned community that caters to a specific portion of the population such as retirees or young families allows you to have neighbors that are in the same life stage as yourself. This gives you plenty of opportunities to make lifelong friendships as well as building a support network. This type of support is something that many people often miss due to their life circumstances, so it is a particularly positive aspect of condo ownership.A condo can offer you an array of benefits that could be suited to your circumstances. As always, take the time to research your options thoroughly before making a decision.

Eatign ORganicEating organicOrganic

Eating Organic


It seems like there is so much information now about eating organic food. It’s a good idea, but there are a lot of misconceptions, too. For instance, warnings online about what foods are dangerous to eat don’t take into consideration the amount of “dangerous” chemicals that may be on or in some of these foods, particularly vegetables and fruit. In many cases, one would have to eat pounds and pounds of the produce to cause a possible problem in your body. If you read all the negative hype, like “Top 5 foods to NEVER eat”, it will make you crazy.Markets are getting on the bandwagon and have labels on their organic produce, grass-fed meat and free range chicken and eggs. You may have noticed that the costs are quite a bit higher for these items. Careful planning and a little bit of research can help you feed your family safely and economically.For instance, fruits and vegetables that can be peeled or washed will most likely remove any residue from the produce. Other items that are eaten peels and all may be the ones you want to buy in the organic version. Strawberries are an example of this: have you ever tried to peel a strawberry? Just use your better judgment; there is logic in shopping, after all.Farmer’s markets are a good way to buy locally grown produce, but be aware that some fruits and vegetables will still have been treated with pesticides and chemicals. Just read the signs as organically grown is all the rage now and the farmers are aware of what the public is looking for.The bottom line is, don’t go overboard and be over reactive in buying “healthy” foods for your family. Remember that most of the meats and produce contain just trace amounts of unhealthy chemicals and you have been just


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Closet Organizing Tips


Keeping your Closet organized can be a huge headache. There’s so many components to a closet that it can be hard to tell where to start in the space to create that sense of organization that you’re looking for. With a few of these tips, you can become an organizational wizard! The problem is that we need to know how to organize. If we’re not taught how to organize our own space, we have to learn it somehow! Keep that messy closet at bay and try these suggestions for a well-equipped and organized closet:Use The Spaces You HaveThe backs of doors are brilliant places to maximize your storage. By using simple pieces that you can purchase at the hardware store, you can make a closet space of your own on the back of a door. You can attach containers and hooks for storage on the door, ensuring enough room for clearance. This is a great place to keep all of your things that you may need to get ready for the next day like outfits, makeup and other essential items for your morning routine.Use The FloorThe floor is a great place to store all of your shoes. Since dirt and mud often accumulate on your shoes, the floor of the closet is a great place for them to keep the rest of the house clean and free of mud. Use a tray to keep the dirt at bay inside the closet and keep your shoes organized.Color Code And LabelYou can actually color code your hangers to group your clothing by season or occasion, the choice is up to you. This can help you to always be able to find that piece of clothing that gets lost in the abyss of your closet. You’ll also always know what you have. You’ll also be able to see what you don’t wear more easily so you’ll be able to get rid of those pieces of clothing.By labeling bins that are stored in your closet, you’ll always know what’s in them and never have to rummage through a bunch of bins to find what you’re looking for. When it comes to using plastic containers, the see-through versions are often best. Even when you’re labeling boxes, being able to physically see what is in each container is an added bonus.Consider Using A DresserIn order to maximize your storage space and organization, consider keeping a dresser inside of the closet. You can label the drawers and have the ability to know what each drawer holds. Even shelving or a bookcase can be helpful in maximizing your storage space inside of an otherwise small closet.Hooks Are Your FriendAlthough we already talked about placing hooks on the backs of doors, hooks really can be useful anywhere when it comes to closet storage. Place hooks on the inside walls of the closet for additional hanging space for items like purses and bags.