Let's Get your Loan Closed In 20 Days

Impossible? Not Really!

Must be a Conventional Program. Both conforming and high balance are eligible.FHA/VA does not qualify.

Cannot be a loan that require secondary market approval (MI Jumbo Homepath etc? )

File must be submitted within 48 hours once the loan is locked. File must meet AU guidelines.

All parties must be on board. Seller, Escrow, Realtors and Borrowers. All parties must be ready to provide requested documents within 24 hours.

Check List

Complete credit documentation package (income, assets, explanation letters on credit, all supporting documentation of large deposits, paystubs)

Signed Disclosures

Escrow Instructions, Prelim, Executed Purchase Contract

Verbal VOE or CPA letters if necessary.


" You work miracles Mitch! That was a short escrow and complicated loan, and you pulled it together as promised. "
Brian Holly: Loan Client
" Mitch Lichterman is awesome. He is innovative and timely in his work ethic and knows exactly what to do to get the job done. He worked with me on a complicated transaction that called for quick response and follow through. Mitch Lichterman gets a five star rating from me. "
Teresa Rooney, Coldwell Banker Property Shoppe
" Mitch, I am very grateful for all the help you have extended to me. I know my circumstances are a bit complicated due to the foreign income. You did the extra mile so that the loan went through "
Angie: Loan Client
" I told Mitch what I wanted and he got back to me quickly with a rate that was better than anyone else. Mitch kept me updated with honest, accurate information about the market, and then contacted me when a refinance was feasible at no cost and significant savings to me. Mitch provides excellent, no-nonsense service with the best rates I was able to find. I highly recommend him to anyone financing a residential loan. "
Larry Droeger, Los Angeles
" I was surprised that any lender in today's market could get a loan closed in less than 30 days. Mitch was wonderful . "
Antje Frei.....Realtor